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377 Hoes Lane, Piscataway, NJ 08854

Empowering Success. Streamlining Pharmacy Operations.

In today's ever-evolving healthcare landscape, pharmacies face unique challenges in delivering exceptional patient care while navigating complex regulations and optimizing efficiency. Since 1975, Paramount Pharmacy Group specializes in empowering pharmacies across all states to achieve sustainable success.

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Paramount Pharmacy Group | Pharmacy Workflows, Inventory Management and Retail Optimization
Paramount Pharmacy Group | Pharmacy Workflows, Retail Optimization and IT Solutions
Paramount Pharmacy Group | IT Solutions, Retail Optimization and Clinical Services

One Team, One Roof

Paramount Pharmacy Group stands out among it's peers, offering a revolutionary model that brings together a diverse array of specialists under one roof. This comprehensive approach not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of pharmacy services but also ensures a seamless, high-quality experience for patients.

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Paramount Pharmacy Group | Clinical Services, Inventory Management and Pharmacy Workflows

IT and Technology Solutions

Paramount Pharmacy Group, a leader in innovative IT and technology services tailored for the independent pharmacy sector, is empowering these businesses to thrive amidst change. With a focus on easily integrated technology, custom solutions, and scalable offerings for both big and small operations, Paramount is setting a new standard in pharmacy care and management.

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Recognize the value of a store for sale, whether it's your first acquisition or an addition to your existing portfolio.

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Gain insights into the economic landscape of your market area through demographic analysis and financial planning support

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Planning for a Sale

Develop a comprehensive succession plan that includes a fair market valuation of your pharmacy business and identifies potential buyers

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Paramount Pharmacy Group | Retail Optimization, Inventory Management and Pharmacy Workflows

Retail Optimization for Pharmacies

In the competitive landscape of the pharmacy industry, optimizing retail operations is key to enhancing efficiency, improving patient satisfaction, and ultimately driving profitability. Paramount Pharmacy Group stands at the forefront of this revolution, offering tailored solutions that transform the traditional pharmacy into a streamlined, patient-centric operation.

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Paramount Pharmacy Group | Clinical Services, Inventory Management and Pharmacy Workflows

Paramount Pharmacy Group Partner Network

Collaboration and connectivity are more crucial than ever. The Paramount Pharmacy Group is pioneering a comprehensive partner network designed to empower pharmacies across the spectrum, from specialty to home delivery services. This network is not just a coalition of pharmacies; it's a strategic alliance aimed at enhancing the capabilities and reach of each member.

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Paramount Pharmacy Group | Inventory Management, Clinical Services and Pharmacy Workflows

Purchasing Organizations for Sustainability

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare and pharmacy services, independent pharmacies are finding themselves at a crossroads. Balancing the scales between providing personalized, patient-centric care and managing the operational costs is an ongoing challenge. This is where Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) step in, offering a lifeline to these essential community resources.

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At Paramount Pharmacy Group, our mission is to empower independent pharmacies to thrive in today's ever-changing healthcare landscape. We believe that every pharmacy has the potential to deliver exceptional patient care while achieving sustainable growth.


377 Hoes Lane
Suite 201
Piscataway, NJ 08854